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"It's refreshing to find a company that cares about its customers and service. The team at Quality Plates & Profiles Limited didn't just cut our parts, the job was completed as per our tagging and delivery requirements. No hassles."

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                              Steel Supply

                                                                                                                                Steel supply to ASME / ASTM & CSA codes. Stocking a full range of pressure vessel, structural, quenched & tempered and chrome-moly steel plate. SA516-70 PVQ, SA36/A36/44W, 50W/50WT CAT.3 &4, Q.T.100/AR400(F)/A514, SA387. 

Unwavering commitment to Quality.

For superior service and product knowledge, the Quality Plates team leads the industry. Since 1981, QPP has been delivering exceptional service to industries across Canada. From 1/8" to 12" thick, we stock both common and uncommon sizes and grades of carbon steel plate. CNC Oxyfuel, High-Definition (6 axis) for precision cutting in any size or quantity.

 Tradition of Service and Reliability 

For over 3 decades, Quality Plates & Profiles has provided reliable warehousing, sales and profiling of specialty steel for industries across Canada. From our 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, strategically located in Ontario's industrial heartland, we offer a full range of specialty steel grades in virtually any size, to meet the most demanding application. With our 15- and 20-ton overhead cranes, we are able to meet the most extreme size and weight requirements for our customers.

                            Quality Standards                                               ISO Certified   

                                 QPP's reputation for quality, performance and consistency is backed by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard registration. Recognized worldwide, ISO 9001 registration is your assurance that we will deliver on our promise every single day. Quality Assurance is complete documentation, verification and traceability for the future.    Please click ISO stamp for printable certification.

                                        Profile Cutting

                                                                                                                                                      Quality Plates & Profiles Limited provides a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution in virtually any size, thickness, quantity or grade. We operate with CNC Oxyfuel Flame Cutters, 400-amp High definition plasma (6 axis) cutters. Our extended beds accommodate plate sizes up to 120" x 575".