Steel Supply

For the Most Demanding Schedules

Quality Plates & Profiles is a specialty warehouse, stocking a full range of pressure vessel, structural, quenched & tempered and chrome-moly steel plate. We have built our reputation on our ability to meet the most demanding delivery schedules for both full-sheet and cut-to-size requirements, in sizes up to 12" thick, 120" wide and 480" long.

To ensure long-term satisfaction, all plate from QPP is clearly identified as to the heat and slab number and fully documented for traceability. From small quantities to large, we are your single-source warehouse for:

Complete Documentation, Verification and Traceability for the Future.

Grades of Steel

     - As Rolled, Normalized & Vacuum Degassed
Carbon steel plates intended primarily for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is important.

ASME SA36 & ASTM A36 PLATE                                                                                                   Widely accepted general-purpose structural-quality steel offering a constant 36 ksi min yield point for all thicknesses of material. Typical applications include construction of buildings, bridges and other structures by means of welding, bolting and riveting.

CSA G40.21 44W & 50W & ASTM A572-50 / A709 PLATE 
Meets specified strength requirements and is suitable for general welded construction where notch toughness at low temperatures is not a design requirement. In addition to the 44W, Quality Plates also stocks the higher strength steel plate in grade G40.21 50W, sometimes referred to by its metric designation of 350W.  Suitable for general welded construction where notch toughness at low temperatures is not a design requirement.

CSA G40.21 50 WT CAT 3 & 4 PLATE
Medium strength, low alloy plate specifically designed to provide strength and notch toughness at temperatures of –20°F (Cat.3) & –50°F (Cat.4) . Typical applications include construction equipment and welded construction with specified design requirements as appropriate.

Q & T 100/ASTM A514 PLATE
Used where high strength, good weldability, improved notch toughness and excellent formability are required. Typical applications include heavy construction and forestry equipment, off-highway vehicles and structural applications (bridges).

Q & T 400F PLATE
Used where abrasive resistance and good impact values are important. It has good wear resistance and weldability, provides longer wear life and reduces downtime. It is 4 times the strength and 8 times the abrasion resistance of regular mild steel. Typical applications include liner plates in hoppers, chutes and trucks for the mining, transportation and pulp and paper industries.


Covers chromium-molybdenum alloy steel plates. This material is primarily intended for welded boilers and pressure vessels designed for elevated temperature service. Includes ASME SA387 GRADE 11 CL 2 N & T (1.25% CHROME, 0.5% MOLY) and ASME SA387 GRADE 22 CL 2 N & T (2.25% CHROME, 1% MOLY)

                    Additional Grades & Requirements Availible Upon Request

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