Profile Cutting

Profile Cutting Service

Quality Plates & Profiles Limited provides a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution in virtually any size, thickness, quantity or grade. We operate with CNC Oxyfuel Flame Cutters, 400-amp High definition plasma (6 axis) cutters. Our extended beds accommodate plate sizes up to 120" x 575".

Working from CAD files, drawings, written specifications or dimensional sketches, our experienced team of machine operators meet or exceed the tolerance requirements of every job. Although standard tolerances in accordance with the following ranges generally apply, tighter customer-specified tolerances will be considered and, where possible, met.

All profiled parts are inspected for dimensional verification, clearly identified as to heat and slab number and fully documented for traceability. Small parts are banded or shrink-wrapped on skids and larger profiles are delivered without packaging, unless otherwise specified by the customer. In all cases, quality assurance, from initial order to final delivery, is our highest priority.

Our profiling service is complimented by our grinding, beveling and de-burring services. Value added services such as forming, blanchard grinding, rolling, drilling and ultrasonic examination services are also available.